A secure supply chain with full traceability

Avanti provides high quality products to its customers by working closely with farms around the country. The company helps in identification, design, maintenance and sales of the produce. We locate suitable farms and upgrade them to global standards by adding equipment, infrastructure, biosecurity, warehouse to store inputs, traceability systems, etc. All farms are certified by international organizations such as BAP and ASC. Currently, Avanti works with an extensive network of farmers with a total material capacity of nearly 15,000 tonnes of certified produce, available to customers across the world.

Being an integrated aquaculture company, Avanti has the capability to trace inputs into the farm from individual hatcheries and feed mills. Our digital technologies create a secure and transparent supply chain that gives full traceability to our end customers.

Avanti works closely with organizations such as WWF and Monterey Bay Aquarium to develop aquaculture standards in India. All our farms are managed by seasoned farmers using sustainable and good aquaculture practices. By showcasing model farms across the world to the Indian farming community through regular workshops/seminars, we educate the farmers on new technologies and best practices in the seafood domain.


Recognised by the worlds leading certification bodies

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