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Supplying high quality feed to farmers across India

Avanti delivers Scientifically formulated and nutritionally well-balanced shrimp feed to our farmers. Currently, we operate 5 feed manufacturing units, all of which are BAP and ISO certified and offer a combined production capacity of 6,00,000 MT. Our highly equipped testing labs ensure quality of feed, and our technical teams assist farmers across India with aquaculture practices, seed selection and seed quality analysis.

Product Brands

Manamei Vannamei Feeds


  • Greater appetite
  • Healthy & faster growth
  • Richer returns
  • Friendly water quality

Profeed 3M

  • Greater appetite
  • Vigorous growth
  • Richer returns
  • Friendly water quality
Shrimp Feed Profeed 3M
Avanti feeds limited- Shrimp Feed Prostar


  • Balanced nutrition for black tiger shrimp
  • Ideal for all stocking densities
  • High attractivity and good palatability
  • Best FCR with faster growth
  • Ideal water stability


  • Made from high quality raw-materials
  • Nutritionally well balanced and best FCR
  • Ideal water stability of 3 hours and friendly water quality
  • Greater appetite, rapid growth with high survival rate
  • High Yields-High Profits
Titan shrimp feed 3S


Recognised by the worlds leading certification bodies

Technical Services

Avanti feeds limited Technology Lab
Avanti feeds limited Tech

Farmers Speak

srinivasa cystine private limited related company

Delivering quality animal health products for sustainable shrimp culture.

Srinivasa Cystine Private Limited (SCPL) is one of the promoters of Avanti Feeds engaged in supply of high quality essential health products for sustainable and profitable shrimp culture.

Health Care Products supplied by SCPL

Avant Catcher

Avant Catcher

Key Benefits:
  • Clear water turbidity & improves pond condition.
  • Reduces water viscosity & increases dissolved oxygen in pond.
  • Increase number of plankton & improves water quality in pond.
  • Safe for plankton, other micro organism & aquatic animals.
Avant saldo mixtos

Avant Saldomixtos

Key Benefits:
“Marine mineral for balancing minerals in pond water”
  • Increasing shell formation & pigment formation of shrimp body.
  • Reducing cramp & stress of shrimp muscle
  • Increase number of plankton
  • Improving mineral exchange process in shrimp.
Avant D Flow water quality improver

Avant D-Flow

Key Benefits:
  • Proper water treatment solutions for removing toxic substances & heavy metals.
  • Clean shrimp’s gills and external fouling
  • Correct viscous water and removes floating bubbles.
Avanti Feeds Limited - AVANT Hercoz

Avant Hercozin

Key Benefits:
  • Improves healthy conditions of Hepatopancreas.
  • Enhances immunity
  • Increase feed intake
  • Improve digestion system
Avant Immupak

Avant Immupak

Key Benefits:
“Solution to enhance immunity and protect shrimp from stresses”
  • Improve resistance towards stress and disease.
  • Better resistance to environmental stressor and infections while supporting an efficient immune response.
Avant Miner Mate

Avant Miner Mate

Key Benefits:
  • Essential chelated mineral supplements
  • Enhances concentration of vital minerals used for shrimp all body functions and growth.
  • Increasing shell formation to avoid scars, and better shelling.
Avant Prow

Avant Pro W

Key Benefits:
“Scientific solution with unique probiotic strains to improve pond soil condition & water quality”
  • Biological control of essential water quality parameters stabilize pH, reduce NH3 and keep pond bottom clean.
  • Stabilize plankton bloom and control vibrio

Avant Bact

Key Benefits:
  • Right combination of probiotic strains to improve growth & optimize FCR as well as support the health of shrimp.
  • Positively affects the gut micro flora and prevents development of pathogenic bacteria.
  • Improves intestinal tract structure and surface area of villi for better uptake of nutrients.
Avant AmmoniAbsorb

Avant Ammoniabsorb

Key Benefits:
  • Controls Ammonia & Nitrite
  • Speed up the natural process of organic load or sludge degradation their by helps in maintaining proper bloom.
  • Effective in high range of pH and salinity